6″ Natural Talalay Latex Base


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This latex is 100% NATURAL (NON-BLENDED) TALALAY LATEX — Oeko-Tex Certified

You will get latex mattress core made with the Talalay process.  Talalay latex has two additional steps unlike Dunlop processing.  These two steps allow air to be infused in the layer and freeze dried.   This is what gives the Talalay processed latex the plusher feel over Dunlop. Talalay contours to the body more than Dunlop.  A common comparison between the two Dunlop is like a “pound cake” due to its density and not as lively in movement while Talalay is like an “angel food cake” being more lively in movement.
SOFT                              17-21 ILD
MEDIUM-SOFT         20-24 ILD
MEDIUM                       26-30 ILD
FIRM                              30-34 ILD
X-FIRM                          34-38 ILD

 NOTE:  The industry standard measurements for mattress sizes when finished and covered with the proper mattress or topper cover are as follows:  Twin 39×75, Twin XL 39×80, Full 54×75, Full XL 54×80, Queen 60×80, King 76×80, Cal King 72×84.

The actual raw latex measurement (without any cover) on these natural talalay layers are: 

Twin 38×74.5, Twin xl 38×79.5, Full 53×74.5, Full XL 53×79.5, Queen 59.5 x 79.5, E King 75.5 x 79.5, Cal King 71.5 x 83.5.  There is a tolerance of +1″/-1/2″ on all layers in size due to the fact that it’s “rubber” being cut.  The pictures shown are a depiction of “latex foam”.   These are not pictures of the specific item you receive as the type of latex, size, thickness, and firmness are all items you select and will vary based on your selection.

Discolorations on 100% talalay are not stains.  They naturally occur in the heating process to make talalay and are normal.   Additionally, air voids also occur during the process.   All latex begins with a 6″ core.  From the core cuts are made to make the targeted thickness of the layer ordered and these air voids can appear on the surface of the layer.   This is NOT a damaged layer and these voids or small tears in the latex do not affect the comfort or longevity of the layer.

King is made with 1 seam in middle  to join two twin xl layers.

Cal King is made with middle seam and additional seam at bottom to add 4″ of additional length.



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Extra Soft, Soft, Medium Soft, Medium, Firm, Extra Firm


Twin, Twin XL, Full, Full XL, Queen, King, California King


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