2″ Natural Dunlop Latex


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 This latex is 100% NATURAL DUNLOP LATEX 

 Oeko-Tex Certified which means it’s safe for babies 

 You will get a latex mattress layer, 100% all natural, no fillers or synthetics, made with the Dunlop process.   This produces a denser firmer feeling layer/core.

Dunlop is less lively than Talalay which contours to the body more than Dunlop.  A common comparison between the two Dunlop is like a “pound cake” due to its density and not as lively in movement while Talalay is like an “angel food cake” being more lively in movement.  

 All latex foam is rated with ILD numbers which rate the firmness of the layer.   The lower the numbers the softer the layer and the higher the number the more firmness or density occurs in the layer.   

ILD’S for Natural Dunlop: 

Soft            18-24  ILD

Medium      28-31  ILD

Firm            37-40  ILD

Extra Firm   42-45  ILD


 NOTE:  The industry standard measurements for mattress sizes when finished and covered with the proper mattress or topper cover are as follows:  Twin 39 x 75, Twin XL 39 x 80, Full 54 x 75, Full XL 54 x 80, Queen 60 x 80, King 76 x 80, Cal King 72 x 84.   A layer of “raw” latex is slightly less in measurement.

The actual raw latex measurement (without any cover) on these natural dunlop layers are: Twin 38 x 74, Twin XL 38 x 80, Full 54 x 74, Queen 60 x 80, E King 76 x 80, Cal King 72 x 84.  There is a tolerance of +1″/-1/2″ on all layers in size due to the fact that it’s “rubber” being cut. 


Why Latex?  Wonderful benefits of latex.

  • You will get the support that you need from soft to firm, based on your firmness selection. 
  • Latex sleeps cooler in summer, and warmer in winter, due to its open cell structure. 
  • Hypo-allergenic, dust mite resistant, anti-microbial, and never needs turning. 
  • Rebounds instantly when you move, and prevents motion transfer to your sleeping partner.
  • Enjoy the wonderful feel of all-natural latex… there is no better product on the market that contours and supports your body so perfectly.  
  • Combine with a soft “4 way stretch” zippered cover for a natural healthy good night’s sleep           
  •   Covers Available Separately:  

Don’t forget your cover, whether you’re buying a single layer topper or several layers of latex to build your own mattress. 

The importance of an encasement for your latex is protection for the fragile layers from being torn and from light exposure which ages latex. 


  • Why Toppers? 

Change the feel of your mattress!  This topper is 100% Natural Dunlop processed non blended latex. You’ll feel the wonderful support as this gently contours to your body. The latex will instantly spring back to its original fullness anytime you change your position ― so easy to move around on!  

Enjoy relief from that “too firm” mattress, that may be causing numbness or tingling from too much “push back”. This topper has superior elasticity and resilience.   It can be used just as a topper now and you can add other layers in the future to create your own made to order custom mattress! 


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Extra Soft, Soft, Medium Soft, Medium, Firm, Extra Firm


Twin, Twin XL, Full, Full XL, Queen, King, California King


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