Val’s Best Picks

I have selected mattresses based on their comfort, contents and prices for best value all around.




Our number one all round pick for all value.

Sleep EZ

My brothers company….best there is.



A bed in a box…not very comfortable.




Sleep EZ Review

 Sleep EZ has been around for 43 years and is a factory direct

Valerie’s Best Picks to Simplify Your Mattress Search!

I’ve been selling latex mattresses for 30 years.  The market in the last 10 years has seen a massive influx of new sellers with every imaginable kind of latex mattress.   Some are all latex throughout and some are hybrids which uses a high density foam as the base and latex foam as a top layer.  Others are a mixture of memory foam and coils,   I think it’s a full time job as a potential buyer to attempt to sift through all the “print” that seller’s put down about their mattresses and make the final selection.   

I’ve selected the following mattresses based on what I consider all around quality, greatest comfort and best prices.   Latex mattresses have wonderful benefits.  They give joint and back pain relief while keeping your spine in proper alignment.