In any given day how often do you think of your back? We sit too long, we lift and turn and stress our backs in every way imaginable and expect the back to perform continuously in spite of our abuse and over use. And, unfortunately most of us practice back abuse for a very long time. Then one day it catches up with us and the pain we feel whether minor or major tells us it’s time to pay attention.

While there are many steps we can take to improve the care of the back one of the most important steps is the selection of the bed we sleep on.

It’s important to let our back rest and rejuvenate with a good nights’ sleep. One of the best supports for the back is latex foam. More and more people have discovered the wonderful feel of climbing in bed each night to the comfort that latex foam offers. This wonderful product is made from the sap of the rubber tree and turned into gentle supportive and pressure relieving cushioning comfort layers that offer your body the best. When the right thickness and firmness are selected it’s like sleeping on a cloud. The health benefits and comfort are unequaled by any other sleep product.

Whether you need a minor adjustment in comfort for your mattress, to relieve pressure points that are causing discomfort and interrupted sleep each night, or you’re ready to get rid of your worn-out mattress and give yourself the best sleep gift, latex foam should be at the top of your list. It lasts longer, feels better, is healthier for you—and most would say sleeping on a cloud can’t be beat!